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Thank You for your interest in AmericanSearches! We hope you enjoy using this free Public Service as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it For you!

PLEASE BOOKMARK OR SAVE THIS PAGE:  It includes links and resources you’ll want to refer back to, not only to help install AmericanSearches, but to also access additional updates about AmericanSearches’ plans going forward!

We hope you've already had a chance to enjoy the iPhone or Android version of the AmericanSearches app!  Links and screenshots detailing exactly how to install our companion PC-Only Download (a Chrome Web Browser Extension) are provided below:

Installing AmericanSearches - PART I:
If you DON'T currently use Google Chrome as your Internet Browser, simply click on the link and follow the steps below to install it (If you already use Google Chrome as your Internet Browser, please skip to 'Installing American Searches - Part II' below):

(Click to Zoom-In on Screenshots Below)

Installing AmericanSearches - PART II:
[PLEASE NOTE:  The AmericanSearches installation cannot be completed until Google Chrome is successfully installed on your PC.  If you don't currently have Google Chrome, please refer back to 'Part-I' of the instructions above.]  

Once Google Chrome is installed on your PC, please click on the link below to install the AmericanSearches Google Chrome 'Add-On' (Extension). This is the PC Download you may have already seen discussed in the video!

(Click to Zoom-In on Screenshots Below)

Why Was AmericanSearches Created?:
If you haven't seen the Video yet, please click on the link below to learn about What AmericanSearches is, Why it was created, and How it works!

Curious About How YOU Can Help (TODAY & Tomorrow)?:
Please take a little time to try-out AmericanSearches and if you like what you see,… Just copy and paste the same invitation that You received via Facebook, email, social media, etc. to like-minded Friends & Family so you can help show Them an easy way to Explore Both Sides of the Story too!

Click on the following link for a quick recap about how you can help TODAY and also how to become one of our Charter Members for access to information and updates about AmericanSearches' plans going forward!

Helpful Links & Resources:   
Finally, depending on what you’d like to refer back to (or forward along to like-minded Friends & Family), we’ve provided a handy list of help links & resources below!:

Please Contact Us with Your Feedback & Support Questions:   
You are part of these exciting, early stages of AmericanSearches, so please contact us at the following email with any thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc. that you think we should know about (e.g. What do you like?, What do you think would help improve it? etc.). We will do our best to review and incorporate your feedback into our next phase of future releases!

No matter what, we’re here to help reinforce the Classic American Dream - and We Are Just Getting Started!

Thanks again!... and Welcome to AmericanSearches!

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