How Everyday Americans
Got The Media to show them 
BOTH Sides of the Story...
(...Without  becoming annoying protesters)

If You're Curious about Actual Examples of Dishonesty & Bias by The Mainstream Media, the adjacent Video highlights just a few examples of why people have grown so frustrated with the Media over the past 10-20 years...

What Exactly is AmericanSearches?

AmericanSearches is a Powerful NEW App which offers a simple Internet Search Engine that conveniently displays search results from BOTH Sides of the Story - on 1 screen! 

With today’s modern media there is no single news source that people from ALL political backgrounds trust to consistently and accurately present both sides of every story. So, AmericanSearches conveniently displays balanced search results from BOTH Left-Leaning and Right-Leaning online sources (each clearly labeled as either a ‘Blue’ or ‘Red’ source) on one page. 

You also have the option of viewing Google search results for the same search term by simply clicking on an adjacent tab. Finally, if you’re interested in viewing search results from ONLY one perspective or the other, adjacent results tabs from either ‘Left-leaning’ or ‘Right-leaning’ sources are also available (without conducting another search for the same key words)!   

This search engine is offered as a free Public Service to help bring the Balanced voice-of-reason back to America's conversations.  Enjoy!

Get the FREE App!

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How Does it Work?
  • Open the AmericanSearches App & type-in your search term
  • ​Results from BOTH  Left-leaning & Right-leaning sources displayed on 1-Screen! 
  • ​To view regular Google results, simply click on the 'Google' tab
  • To learn more about one perspective or the other, just click on 'Left' or 'Right' tabs

(Click to Zoom-In on Example iPhone Screenshots Below)

You May be asking yourself...
Do I have to Pay to use AmericanSearches?
No, AmericanSearches is provided as a free Public Service for those who are interested in preserving convenient access to – and awareness of – BOTH sides of every story or current event. 

How Do I know this is safe for my iPhone, Android, or PC?
AmericanSearches is an App available via Apple's App Store, Android's Google Play, & Google’s Chrome store (as a free ‘add-on’ option for your PC's Internet browser).  The app review process of each of these organizations ensures the safety and security of their customers' devices.  
WHY  Do we need americanSearches?
If you haven't heard much about how The Mainstream Media and Google's interests overlap, you may want to look into some of the following topics below.  However, we recommend that you do your own research and come to your own conclusions (the following are just a handful of links under each topic to help get you started)
Do Google & YouTube actually try to Manipulate what I see online?...

Does Google try to prioritize results that THEY agree with? (You may be surprised…)

Do Google & YouTube purposely hide information from Me? (Again, you may be surprised…)

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