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eBook:  I Met The Founding Fathers (Our Free Gift to You!)
Meet the Signers of The Declaration of Independence through an Eyewitness who knew many of them personally!

Nearly forgotten in the haze of history, this overlooked historical treasure was re-discovered and republished by AmericanSearches exclusively for our Founding Donors, Members, (in addition to our Friends & Family)!  This 362-page volume includes informative profiles (& personal face-to-face insights) of our Founding Fathers from a man who in his own words, “…had the pleasure of seeing all the signers of The Declaration before they made their last bow… and having had the satisfaction of a personal acquaintance with many of them”.

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  • We may not be able to stop the Chaos, Looting, & Burning in America's streets... 
  • But, we Can Help Americans Explore BOTH Sides of the Story... One Search at a Time!
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